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Tree Care Tips, Toronto, ON

Here are some tree care tips to follow to keep your trees looking great in Toronto, ON.

Tree Care in Toronto, OntarioWe all know trees play an important role in keeping our air clean, providing homes for wildlife, providing shade, and making the area around us beautiful. However, trees that don’t see enough care can make the landscape look run-down and poorly maintained. How do you care for your trees during the year so they will continue to be healthy and beautiful? Here are some tree care tips to follow to keep your trees looking great.

  • Lots of Water – Growing trees require a lot of water, especially during their specific growing season. Poorly watered trees may not grow to their full height, won’t develop full foliage, and may be more susceptible to pests. If you haven’t had much rainfall or are in a dry climate, give your trees some extra water daily to help them achieve their fullest potential.
  • Prune Correctly – Proper pruning is one of those tree care tips that is easily overlooked, but is actually very important. Pruning helps keep trees’ foliage full and beautiful, stimulates new growth, and may even improve their resistance to diseases. Using clean, sharp pruners, remove dead limbs, drooping branches and any suckers that present a problem.

Remember that many tree care tips are specific to the time of year in which the trees will need special care. If you are in Toronto, ON and have questions about proper tree care or you need someone to help with the trees in your yard, our professional arborist at Hudson Tree Services is here to help you! Call us today for more information!




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