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Tree Care Tips, Etobicoke, ON

We offer lots of tree care tips to Etobicoke, ON residents that can be quite useful.

tree plantingIf you have been considering adding some trees or replacing some trees on your property, it is helpful to learn as much about trees as you can so that you can make the right choices. At Hudson Tree Services, we offer lots of tree care tips that will likely prove quite useful.

  • Choosing Tree Species – There are many different tree species that grow well here in Etobicoke, ON, but you will need to think about other considerations, as well. For example, the location in which the tree will be planted will determine what type of tree is advisable. You want to be sure that you are allowing enough space not only for the sapling, but also for its mature size. Our arborists have knowledge about trees and can help you in the species selection process.
  • Selecting a Tree – Once you know the species, the next important step is choosing a healthy tree. One thing to look for is abundant root growth that is adequate for the size of the tree. In most cases, a bailed and burlapped tree is a better option than a container-grown tree. Our arborists can also aid you in selecting a healthy tree, which will make tree care easier down the road.
  • Tree Planting – Even the healthiest sapling won’t grow into a healthy tree if it is not planted correctly and in the right location. Give your tree the best head start possible and have us take care of your tree planting for you.
  • Maintenance – Once all the other tree care tips are followed carefully, all that is left is knowing the timetable for proper maintenance. Keeping up with watering, mulching, fertilizing and pruning are all very important. It is also important to look out for pest and disease problems. Our maintenance packages are customized to your needs, based on the number of trees you have and the species.

We hope these tree care tips have been helpful, and we want you to know that we are here for you from the first steps through helping your trees live a long and healthy life. Call us today for a quote on any of our tree services.


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