Storm Damage Tree Care, Toronto, ON

When properly executed, storm damage tree care in Toronto, ON can result in a tree that’s far healthier than it was before.

Storm Damage Tree Care in Toronto, Ontario


Storm damage tree care is a critical component of caring for your landscaping and the trees around your home or business. Severe storms can damage even the largest and hardiest of trees in many of the same ways that accidents can befall people; the process of storm damage tree care will remove hazards to the tree and to the people on the property while laying the groundwork for healing and growth. A thorough assessment of the tree and of the damage incurred will point our skilled arborist towards the best plan to promote healing and growth, so recovery can begin. This process can take time, and the amount and severity of damage directly affect how long the tree might need to heal, as well as what steps property owners and arborists can take to mitigate these issues. When properly executed, tree care following storm damage can result in a tree that’s far healthier than it was before.

Storm damage tree care also realizes that not all trees are salvageable, and some trees may in the end require removal. While this is never a goal, the best tree care companies will work with property owners to safely and effectively remove the dying tree, as well as help to select and plant a replacement tree.

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