Storm Damage Cleanup, Toronto, ON

For all of your storm damage cleanup needs in Toronto, ON, let our team help you today!

Storm Damage Cleanup in Toronto, Ontario


Storm damage cleanup is essential to having your life and lifestyle return to normal after a disrupting weather event. To better understand how storm damage cleanup can affect the trees on your property, ask yourselves these questions:

  1. Other than the incurred storm damage, is the tree relatively healthy? A tree that was healthy prior to the event generally stands a much better chance of long-term survival, especially after a disrupting event like this.
  2. Are 50% or more of the tree’s branches and leaves still in place and intact? Trees that retain at least half of their functional branches and leaves stand a much higher rate of survival after storm damage, as they retain the basic mechanisms to derive energy and food from sunlight. Less than half, and the tree may not be able to maintain its current form or put out new branches and leaves.
  3. Are any major limbs broken? This is important to the circulation of nutrients and energy through the tree. Just like a human breaking an arm or leg is a serious wound, attending to these large concerns will help speed the recovery process in trees, too.
  4. Did the tree sustain any wounds? These wounds can be caused by downed power lines, other trees toppling, or other debris damaging the trunk of the tree. In cases where human life or property is threatened, it’s imperative to remove that threat immediately.
  5. Can a new branch structure be established from still-connected branches? This question seeks to determine the possible long-term health and success of the tree.

For all of your storm damage cleanup needs in Toronto, ON, let our team at Hudson Tree Services help you today!

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