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Tree Planting, Toronto, ON

Tree planting can be an exciting and fun project in Toronto, ON, and is especially rewarding when you see a tree you planted grow from year to year.

Tree PlantingWhen planting new trees, whether as part of a new construction landscaping project or simply to beautify your yard, there are several best practices to follow to get the most out of your new trees. Without doing the proper research, you could lose a lot of money when your trees fail. Below are some best practices for tree planting.

  • Don’t Plant Too Deep – It seems logical that you plant trees deep in the earth to protect their roots and keep them from falling. However, the best practice is actually to have the first structural root (where the root becomes the trunk) uncovered at the base. Planting the tree too far down and covering the beginnings of the root structure may cause “root girdling” and lead to tree failure later.
  • Do Examine the Root Ball – Often when you purchase a new tree, it is transported either in a pot, wire basket or with the roots wrapped in burlap and twine. In the past, it was common not to remove the roots completely from these containers. However, not removing the tree root system can result in some problems, including the tree being root bound or root growth problems due to the constraints of the container after the tree is in the ground. Additionally, if the root ball seems to be root bound coming out of the container, you may be able to free the roots before planting to assist in future root growth.
  • Don’t Ignore the Planting Site – There are several things to consider when planting new trees, including making sure the plant site is prepared properly. If tree planting is in native soil, the best practice is to simply install the plants where desired without fertilizer or accompaniments to the soil. Additionally, while planting a tree too deep is not recommended, the diameter of the planting space should be twice (or larger) the size of the tree’s current root system. You can also use landscape soil over pockets where the dirt is not equipped for growth.
  • Do Stake Properly – It seems reasonable that newly planted trees would need to be staked to help hold them firmly in the ground; however, best practice is only to stake trees when necessary. And in the event that your new tree does need extra support, staking should be as low on the tree trunk as possible to prevent damage to the trunk itself.

Tree planting can be an exciting and fun project and is especially rewarding when you see a tree you planted grow from year to year. If you are in the Toronto, ON area and you have questions about how to plant trees and maintain their health for many years to come, our certified arborist at Hudson Tree Services is available to assist you. We can help you with many of your tree and yard servicing needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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