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Tree Care, Etobicoke, ON

We have over 15 years of experience in tree care in the Etobicoke, ON area.

Tree Care, Etobicoke, ONIt can take some tree species a number of years to grow to maturity, so the last thing you want is for your tree to become diseased or in such bad health that it needs to be removed and you have to start the process all over again. One way to avoid this scenario is to hire a professional tree care company to take care of your trees throughout the year.

At Hudson Tree Services, we have over 15 years of experience in tree care in the Etobicoke, ON area, and it is our passion to make sure your trees are beautiful and healthy. One of the tree care services that we offer that helps your trees grow to be strong and healthy is deep root fertilization. This method of tree care ensures that your trees get the proper nutrients and surrounding plants do not steal needed nutrients from them.

Another component of thorough tree care is properly timed and performed tree pruning. Pruning allows us to remove any diseased branches before they can infect the entire tree. Pruning is also important to improve the aesthetic value of your trees, and thus your property. If you have trees along your sidewalk or property line, pruning will be important to keep pedestrians and your neighbours safe from falling branches.

We can help you with as-needed tree care or set up a customized tree care program for your property. We also take care of shrubs. Give us a call to arrange a consultation and get an estimate for any of our tree care services.

At Hudson Tree Services, we offer tree care services in Etobicoke, Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, BurlingtonHamilton, Ancaster, and Milton, Ontario.