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If you’re concerned about your landscaping, schedule a plant health care consultation with us.

When you feel under the weather, you probably seek out health care from a trusted physician or medical provider. The same can be said of the plants that make up your landscaping, although you don’t need to make your trees or shrubs an appointment at your doctor’s office. Instead, contact us at Hudson Tree Services to provide professional plant health care. This term refers to a number of services that are designed to improve the health of your plants and boost the appearance of your outdoor property.

Plant Health Care in Burlington, Ontario

Some of the signs that your trees might be in need of care include dead or dying branches, peeling or cracking bark, leaves that appear or fall off the tree at abnormal times during the season, and fungi growing around the trunk or base of the tree. If you spot any of these warning signs in your yard, give us a call to schedule a tree assessment. We’ll determine whether the tree is salvageable, and if so, we’ll come up with a detailed plan for plant health care to nurse it back to life.

Just like the human body, plants require regular care to maintain their health and wellness. Our team includes experienced arborists who can diagnose tree problems and provide a range of services to restore their health. If you’re concerned about your landscaping, schedule a plant health care consultation with us. We can provide specialized services, including deep root fertilization, as well as regular pruning and other maintenance tasks on all types of trees.

At Hudson Tree Services, we offer plant health care services in Etobicoke, Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Ancaster, and Milton, Ontario.


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