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Tree Planting

There once was a couple that moved from the big city to the country and had visions of orchards and trees galore around their property. They ordered countless young trees and spent hours and hours (days actually) getting them planted. Sadly, most of them died. Sound familiar but on a smaller scale? It doesn’t mean that this couple didn’t have a green thumb or that the trees weren’t viable to begin with. It was probably something simple like not having the right soil, the right light or proper drainage.

How can you avoid this scenario? Two ways – plenty of research or contacting an arborist to do your tree planting for you. It can take a lot of time to properly research all the facets of proper tree selection, location, and tree planting. If you want to see the trees mature in your lifetime, you might want to skip that time, and the backbreaking work, and call a tree service to handle the tree selection and tree planting for you.

Not only will you enjoy more success with the tree planting by calling in a professional, but they’ll also help you with other tree services going forward, so your tree can mature properly and stay in good health. Trees are quite an investment, both a cash and time investment, so anything you can do to help them along is well worth it.

Here at Hudson Tree Services, you get the benefit of a trained and certified arborist. Our tree planting services can be followed up later with deep root fertilization, pruning, repair after a storm, and care for any tree diseases that may surface. We are passionate about trees, with experience that will make your tree planting a great success. We love trees, and we’re confident you’ll see what a difference that can make. Remember, Arbour Week is celebrated in Ontario each spring and is a special time to consider tree planting. Contact us today to learn more.