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Winter Tree Care, Hamilton, ON

You can count on us for winter tree care in Hamilton.

Winter Tree Care in Hamilton, OntarioWhen winter is coming up fast, you probably have a million things to do to prepare for it. One thing you may not think about is winter tree care, and that could be a sad thing to overlook. Winter can be very hard on trees in Hamilton, Ontario, but with a bit of preparation, your trees can awaken in the spring unscathed. At Hudson Tree Services, we offer a variety of winter tree care services that can get this one thing off your winter prep list.

  • Tree Pruning – Your trees will experience a more vigorous growth in the spring if they are properly pruned just before winter arrives. Pruning also saves your tree from trying to support a coat of ice and snow on limbs that are not strong enough to handle it. We carefully inspect each tree to determine where pruning should take place to avoid limbs being severely damaged through breakage.
  • Tree Diseases – We also inspect for problems such as dead branches, fungal growth, and tree diseases that may have your trees in declining health. Getting these treated before the snow falls will put them in a better position to survive the winter. Consider also that some diseases are not even slowed by winter, so you really want to get them taken care of right away.

In addition to these pre-winter services, you can also count on us for winter tree care all winter long. Should you have a tree come down or find that it is seriously damaged in an ice storm, give us a call. We can try to save it or we can remove it, depending on the situation at hand. Whatever your winter tree care needs, give us a call. We are certified arborists, so you can count on us to do the best thing for your trees any time of the year.

At Hudson Tree Services, we offer winter tree care services in Etobicoke, Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, BurlingtonHamilton, Ancaster, and Milton, Ontario.