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tree pruningCutting down a tree is child’s play, right? Wrong! There are so many things that can go wrong during the tree removal process, and many of them have tragic results. Damaged structures, injured people and even death can occur when you attempt tree removal without the experience and proper equipment to do the job safely. It simply isn’t worth the risk when you can hire a professional for tree removal. There are other reasons, as well, why it is advisable to hire a professional for tree removal.

  • Debris Removal – A professional tree removal company will not only take down the tree for you, but they will also remove it and all the debris from your property. If you were to take down the tree yourself, you would need a way to transport the tree and all the other garbage that results to the landfill.
  • Time Savings – It takes a long time for tree removal, especially if you are not experienced. Not only does the tree need to come down, but it also needs to be cut into manageable portions for removal.
  • Total Tree Removal – A professional tree removal company will take care of the entire job, including performing the stump grinding, so no trace of the tree remains, and you can then conduct landscaping on the area right away.
  • Cost – There are a number of hidden costs to consider if you are thinking about DIY tree removal. If you do not already have the proper equipment, you will need to rent or purchase it. You’ll also have disposal costs involved. If things go badly, your costs could be astronomical and beyond anything that it would have cost for the professional to remove the tree in the first place.

At Hudson Tree Services, we can save you the time, frustration and potential harm involved in tree removal. Give us a call, and we’ll provide you with an estimate for any of our Toronto, ON tree services.