Why Pruning is an Essential Part of Tree and Shrub Care

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Why Pruning is an Essential Part of Tree and Shrub CareWe at Hudson Tree Services have extensive experience in caring for trees and shrubs, so you can count on us to keep the ones on your property healthy. One way we can help with this is by pruning your trees and shrubs every year.

In our experience, many people don’t have a clear understanding of why pruning is important, so we have put together this article to explain it. Here are a couple key benefits of regular pruning:

  • Pruning removes unhealthy growth. As your trees and shrubs grow, some branches will prove to be healthier than others, and some limbs of the plant may even wither and die. Removing this unhealthy growth by pruning the plants will allow the plant to spend more energy on the healthy branches, causing them to flourish, instead of wasting energy trying to revive unhealthy or dying branches.
  • Pruning prevents structural problems. When you call our team for pruning services, we will also trim and remove any weak branches, or any growth that is compromising the overall structure of the tree or shrub. If a tree has a weak or unbalanced branch structure, it will be much more likely to be damaged in a storm, and thus more likely to damage the structures around it as well. By pruning your trees and shrubs, our team will encourage them to grow stronger.
  • Pruning promotes new growth. Lastly, pruning is an essential step in caring for certain trees and shrubs because it encourages new growth. Many flowering species, including many rose varietals, only flower on new growth, not on old wood, so if you want lots of flowers to enjoy, you will need to prune them.