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Deep Root FertilizationDeep root fertilization is a process that provides fertilization and aeration to the roots of your trees. The components of the fertilizer used can be adjusted to meet the needs of each tree on your property, based on its health and species. There are a number of benefits involved with deep root fertilization.

Just putting fertilizer on the ground around the circumference of the tree is ineffective because it can easily be stolen by other foliage, including shrubs, grass and flowers before it ever gets to the roots of the tree. By injecting the fertilizer into the ground, the tree gets more chance to take advantage of the nutrients.

The process of deep root fertilization also adds needed oxygen to the tree roots through aeration of the soil around the tree. Trees love taking in oxygen and are healthier because of this process, even if there wasn’t any fertilizer being added at all. Of course, the fertilizer is icing on the cake.

The fertilizer itself is instrumental in helping your trees. You will find your trees will look healthier almost overnight. You’ll see more foliage, and they will be greener. Your trees will also grow faster. The root system will be improved, so they can more efficiently use nutrients in the soil in the future. Additionally, your trees will be stronger for enduring the cold Toronto, ON winters, as well as periods of drought when they occur, and will be more disease-resistant.

Give us a call at Hudson Tree Services, and we’ll be glad to discuss our deep root fertilization process and our fertilizer formula with you. An arborist will recommend additional components if needed after inspecting your trees.