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It never hurts to get a head start on planning when it comes to the tasks you need to tackle around your home. Before you get involved with winter skiing or curling up next to the fireplace with a good book, consider which of the following tree services you will need in the coming months. It might surprise you that even now there are things you can take care of.

tree services you will need in the coming months

  1. Tree Pruning– Your trees will be able to withstand winter conditions better if they are not struggling with diseased or damaged branches. Pruning can be done after the leaves have fallen but should occur before snow falls or an ice storm hits.
  2. Tree Removal– If you have a tree that is beyond restoration or you want it removed for other reasons, getting that job done now isn’t a bad idea. You could be enjoying the warmth from the wood throughout the winter if you have a fireplace or wood stove.
  3. Deep Root Fertilization– It might seem like late fall is the wrong time to do this, but remember that while trees are going dormant, their roots are still very much active. By taking care of fertilization in the fall, your trees will store the nutrients to use the moment spring growth begins. This can be done even up to a month after the first frost.
  4. Tree Planting– Spend the winter thinking and researching the types of trees you want for your property, so you can call a tree services professional in the spring as soon as it is safe to plant.

If you have any questions about tree services this time of year and to plan for the months ahead, give us a call at Hudson Tree Services. We can help you determine when the different tree services should be completed, so you can have a plan of action going forward for healthy and strong trees. Call today to learn more.