Tree Planting: The Best Places for New Trees in Your Yard

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Putting new trees in your yard is always a worthwhile investment. But where should you put these new trees? After tree planting, you want to make sure your trees grow to maturity and thrive during the entire process.

Tree Planting: The Best Places for New Trees in Your Yard

While there are many ways to determine the best spots for tree planting, in many cases, this depends on the type of tree you intend to plant. Here are some of our top recommendations based on the main kinds of trees:

  • Large shade trees—We typically recommend putting large shade trees in parkways and open areas of your yard. You should avoid planting any large shade trees near power lines or close to buildings. You should also consider where you want to have some extra shade on your property.
  • Evergreens and clump trees—Most of the time, evergreens and trump trees should be planted in windbreaks and along property lines. These trees can fill out quickly and get tall, so we suggest putting them around a patio, for example, or in the back or front of your landscape. Since these trees tend to grow very large, we recommend not putting them up close to your house.
  • Ornamental trees—We suggest planting ornamental trees anywhere in your yard where you want some extra color and beauty. In many cases, you can put these trees up close to your home or to anchor your flower beds. In most cases, we do not recommend putting them in your front or back yard because they can obstruct the view of the rest of your yard.

For more tree planting tips or to get help with this process, reach out to us at Hudson Tree Services today.