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Deep Root FertilizationIt is far more common for people to take an active role in keeping their lawn healthy than the trees on their property. After all, they grow fine in nature, right? Actually, there is a huge difference. For one thing, trees that take root and grow well in nature do so because they’ve chosen the perfect spot. A second point is that more trees fail in nature than you might realize. You want your trees to be around for your lifetime, so keeping them healthy is critical. One tip for doing that is to learn more about deep root fertilization. Here are a few frequently asked questions about this vital service.

Why isn’t the fertilizer I put on the lawn and surface enough? The tree rarely gets so much as a drop of those fertilizers because your lawn grabs it up before the deeper roots of the trees ever get a chance to see it. Only deep root fertilization is going to get the fertilizer where the tree can enjoy it all to itself.

Why do my trees need it but those in nature don’t? As already addressed, your trees are more important to you, and you wouldn’t want to face the higher chance of failure that those in nature experience. Another reason is that trees in nature get nutrients from the decomposition of what’s around them, such as leaves. You probably rake up that sort of debris, robbing your poor trees of the nutrients they need.

Why shouldn’t I handle deep root fertilization myself? You could, but without experience you may use the wrong fertilizer, apply it incorrectly or at the wrong time of the year. You’re just throwing money away if the tree doesn’t benefit because of ineffective application.

If you want to be sure you are giving the trees at your home the best care possible, give us a call at Hudson Tree Services. You’ll get personal attention from our owner for all your tree care needs throughout the year, starting with tree planting services and going throughout your trees’ lifetime. Contact us today with any questions you may have about deep root fertilization and its benefits.