Tree Health Red Flags to Watch Out For

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Trees can take several years to grow to maturity, and during that time, you may diligently care for the trees on your property. You might take great care to ensure that they have enough water, their branches are evenly trimmed, and helping them avoid potential diseases.

Tree Health Red Flags to Watch Out For

However, if you are worried about the tree health of one or several trees on your property, there are several signs you should be aware of. Here are a few signs that your tree health may be struggling:

  • The leaves on your tree have started to wilt or yellow in certain places.
  • The leaves on your tree are brown and dying.
  • You have noticed blemishes or spots on your tree’s leaves, bark, or fruit.
  • Moldy or fuzzy spots have started to show up on your tree.
  • There are holes in your tree’s leaves.
  • The branches on your tree have started to dye or your tree seems to drop branches on a regular basis.
  • Your tree has started to lean over to one side.

All these signs could indicate your tree health is in trouble, and it may be affected by a certain disease. However, this does not necessarily you need to remove the tree from your property. Instead, you may be able to take steps to save the tree and keep it healthy moving forward.

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