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Trees can add so much character, shade and beauty to a yard.  If you have or plan to have trees as a part of your landscaping, you want to ensure that you know how to properly take care of them. Tree care is certainly specific to the type of tree, but there are some general tree care tips that everyone should know.  Continue reading below for our top tree care tips.

Top Tree Care Tips

As mentioned above, different tree care tips depend on the type of tree. With that being said, our first tree tip is to select the right tree for your climate, space, and desired maintenance level. This will require some research when making your selection.  If you want more help, professional landscapers or nurseries can assist you in making your selection.

Once you have found the perfect tree for you and your yard, the second of our tree care tips is to make sure that when you purchase a tree, you purchase one that is healthy. Do not bargain shop when it comes to trees; nurseries will often put unhealthy trees in the sale section. Check the roots of the tree before purchase to ensure they are moist and look healthy.

Finally, one of the most important of our tree care tips is actually a soil tip — be sure you have healthy, moist soil.  You may even what to consider adding some mulch to your soil to ensure there are lots of nutrients for your tree to grow healthy and strong.