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The Benefits of Tree PruningFor as long as anyone knows, our planet has been covered with trees, and somehow most of those fledgling saplings manage to grow into magnificent, mature trees with no help whatsoever from mankind. One might think, then, that once you plant one in your yard, nothing needs to be done, as nature will handle it from then on.

The difference, however, is that when you have trees in your yard, you have certain expectations for that tree that it doesn’t experience in the wild. You want it to be beautiful and produce an abundance of crop if it is a fruit or nut tree, and you don’t want it to interfere with the rest of your landscaping or structures. For all that to happen, you need to give nature a bit of a helping hand, and tree pruning is part of that. There are many benefits involved with tree pruning, including:

  • Health: The health of your tree will be improved by pruning off dead or dying branches. The nutrients that are being sapped by those dying branches is better served on the rest of the tree, and tree pruning can prevent whatever is causing the one area to decay from affecting the rest of the tree. Fruit trees produce better fruit and more of it when they are properly pruned.
  • Beauty: Tree pruning creates a more visually appealing tree and keeps it from becoming lopsided or growing limbs in wrong areas. The idea is that training a tree into an appealing shape is best done little by little during the early growing stage.
  • Shade Control: A tree can get such an overgrown canopy that it provides more shade than you desire or may block your view. It can also steal sunlight from other plants and foliage that need it. Tree pruning will keep it from becoming gangly and making your property far too shaded. The tree will benefit from the improved air circulation, as well.

If you have trees on your Toronto, ON property that are out of control and in need of tree pruning, give us a call at Hudson Tree Services. We will inspect your trees and offer expert arborist advice on how to keep your trees healthy, including tree pruning and other tree services.