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Stump GrindingYou have likely heard about some of the gimmicks out there that say they will work for stump removal, but don’t fall for them when stump grinding is the best option. Stump grinding is a quick solution, a thorough solution, and it won’t introduce harmful chemicals to your yard and the water table like so many of those gimmicks will.

Stump grinding is a process using a specialized piece of equipment in which your stump and tree roots are removed by being ground into small chips. You have three choices when it comes to doing stump grinding:  buy the equipment, rent the equipment, or hire a professional tree company that performs stump grinding.

Good-quality stump grinding equipment is not inexpensive to buy or rent. There are different models available, but generally the most cost effective are not powerful enough to handle anything but the smallest tree stumps. Many of these models also do not grind very deep into the ground, so you will likely not get the results that you had hoped for. Additionally, if you are not experienced with stump grinding equipment, you could find the job a bit more to tackle than you anticipated, and it can be dangerous if you are unfamiliar with the safety precautions.

The best solution is to hire stump grinding services, and at Hudson Tree Services, we offer affordable pricing and quality work. We can get those stumps gone fast and clean up all the debris while you enjoy your day off instead. Your Toronto, ON property could be free of those ugly tree stumps in no time!