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Shrub Planting

Shrub planting can be a real chore when you’re putting in an accent shrub here and there and even more so if you’re considering a row of shrubs to create a hedge. There are quite a few things that go into the task if you want complete success for beautiful landscaping results at your home. Here are a few tips for getting shrub planting done right.

1.  Consider Sunlight – Be careful to choose shrubs that will thrive in the amount of sunlight present in the place you want your shrubs.

2.  Consider Soil Condition – Consider if your soil contains the nutrients needed or whether you should amend it before you begin shrub planting.

3.  Consider Mature Size – You should be aware of how large your shrub will get, so you don’t choose ones that won’t reach the height or width you are hoping for. This is especially important if you’re planning on shrub planting to create privacy or a block from wind or noise.

4.  Consider Growth – Some shrubs grow more quickly than others. Choose the types that suit your time frame. For example, if your goal is privacy, you’ll want to consider quick growing species. If your goal is less pruning to retain a certain size, you’ll want a slow growing species.

5.  Location Considerations – You should be aware of where any underground utilities are present when shrub planting. This is because you don’t want to dig and break a line, and you don’t want to put a heavy root shrub too close that could later damage them. For tall shrubs, consider power lines above your head too. You should also consider zone regulations and property lines, keeping in mind mature size in the process.

6.  Plant According to Species – There are general rules for planting any shrubs, but each species may have specific needs which make the shrub planting process different. Know the species you have and how to properly plant it before beginning.

If this sounds complicated to you and you fear you won’t select the right shrubs for your needs or get them planted properly for success, turn to us at Hudson Tree Services. We have several years of experience with shrubs, as well as trees, and can advise you about the best species for Ontario and your particular goal. An added benefit of putting shrub planting in our hands is you can use that time to have some fun with your family instead. Want to know more? Call us for a consultation, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.