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Tree TransplantingEveryone goes through a nursery with those adorable little saplings and envisions the shade, fruit and other benefits of a mature tree. Unfortunately, few nurseries give comprehensive information about the potential for that cute little sapling. This can lead to poor species choices and also to choosing a poor location. If you are considering adding some trees to your property, one of the best things you can do is hire a professional. At Hudson Tree Services, with our knowledge of tree species that grow well here in Toronto, ON and our tree planting services, you can avoid needing tree transplanting services later.

Even though the odds are better when using a tree transplanting professional, there is always risk when moving a tree. There are some species that just don’t do well with tree transplanting, for example. For others, it can set them back in terms of maturing or producing fruit. If you can avoid needing tree transplanting by having it planted in the right location in the first place, all the better.

At Hudson Tree Services, we specialize in advising homeowners and business property owners about tree species. With our help, you will select the right trees for your needs, whether that is fruit production, shade, windbreak or beauty. Our knowledge about a species and its size at maturity will assure that your tree is placed where it has the room and sunlight to grow without causing trouble to structures or endangering other foliage. We can also set up a maintenance plan for your tree to keep it properly fertilized and pruned, so it can become the beauty you envision. We also perform tree transplanting, should you have one out of place already or are purchasing a tree that is planted on another property. We can do tree transplanting for communities and businesses, as well.