Our Top Tree Care Tips for Late Summer

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There is nothing quite like enjoying the great outdoors during the warmth of the summer season. But as you enjoy summer and start to think about it coming to an end, keep in mind that the trees on your property will need a different level of care at this time.

Our Top Tree Care Tips for Late Summer

Here at Hudson Tree Services, we want to help you keep your trees strong, healthy, and beautiful all year round. Here are some of our top tree care tips as we head into late summer and move into the early fall season.

  • One of the tree care tips we need to mention is that if you have young trees on your property, they will need regular deep watering. By deep watering your trees, you can prevent weak surface roots from forming and encourage robust roots to develop underground.
  • In addition to deep watering, you should watch out for signs that your trees are under drought stress. If your leaves have started to curl, yellow, wilt, or brown at the edges, your trees could need more water.
  • As your trees mature, move drippers away from their base. As your tree gets older, apply water right by the drip line of the tree and then slightly beyond.

We can help you take great care of your trees throughout the summer, as well as every season of the year. For more helpful tree care tips or to learn more about our services, simply get in touch with our experienced team today.