How Often Do You Need Shrub Pruning Services?

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Pruning the shrubs on your property is how you prevent them from getting overgrown. Not only can regular shrub pruning keep the shrubs on your property looking their best, but this process can also keep your shrubs as healthy as possible.

How Often Do You Need Shrub Pruning Services?

Although shrub pruning is regularly needed for the shrubs in your yard, you may wonder how often you actually need to undergo this process. The answer is that this can depend on many factors, such as the weather, the type of shrub, and if the shrub has any significant damage.

If you trim your shrubs at the correct time, you will end up with good-looking, healthy shrubs. Furthermore, if you schedule shrub pruning on the best timeline for your plants’ needs, this can also enhance the strength of your shrubs. On the other end, if you trim your shrubs too often, this can result in weakened, damaged shrubbery. It will also make it harder for your shrub to regrow and heal after harsh conditions, such as a heavy thunderstorm. And if you wait too long to prune your shrub, it can become overgrown and start obstructing paths and walkways.

Generally speaking, if you have evergreen or deciduous shrubs in your yard, you should trim them in early spring or late winter before more growth starts. You should refrain from having any low branches removed because this will affect the bush’s natural shape.

At Hudson Tree Services, we can help you determine how often you need professional shrub pruning and tell you more about this essential service. To learn more or to set up a shrub pruning appointment, get in touch with us today.