Everything You Need to Know About Deep Root Fertilization

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What is Deep Root Fertilization? 

Deep root fertilization uses fertilizers and a high-pressure injection system to reach the deep roots of the tree. This process is very beneficial to trees with deep roots. Your typical surface fertilizers are not able to effectively reach the roots.

Everything You Need to Know About Deep Root Fertilization

The Benefits 

Deep root fertilization benefits a tree by giving fertilization to even the deepest roots, and not just the roots closest to the surface. Once the roots have absorbed the fertilizer, they will spread it throughout the tree. Some other benefits of deep root fertilization are:

  • Aerates the soil
  • Encourages healthy and vibrant tree growth
  • Resistance to pests and disease
  • Home value will increase with healthier trees

Signs That you Need Fertilization 

It is important to pay attention to your trees so that you can catch these important signs before it is too late.

  • Smaller leaves than normal
  • Dead spots
  • Fewer flowers or foliage
  • Little annual growth

Process of Deep Root Fertilization 

A detailed soil analysis will be done to determine soil type and health of your soil. It will be important to know the pH of the soil. Other information will be taken into consideration, like the health and age of the tree. Once this information is collected, then the perfect fertilizer will be made for you specific tree and soil. A mixture of phosphorous, nitrogen, potassium and other elements will be made. Finally, the fertilizer will be injected into the tree’s surrounding soil.