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Winter tree care

During the winter months, the trees on your property may be in need of special winter care. The harsh winter weather, particularly heavy storms, can cause significant wear and tear for trees on your property. Special winter tree care and winter weather preparation can go a long way in securing the health of your trees.

  • Preventative measures. Many homeowners and businessowners are unaware how the winter weather affects trees. Sometimes, trees may experience cold stress. This happens when the temperature changes rapidly throughout winter days, causing cracking within the tree bark. Trees can also experience a “winter draught” when they are unable to take up enough water from the frozen ground. This is why preventative tree care can be important, especially for young, sensitive trees.
  • Winter Pruning. Harsh winds and ice accumulation can also affect trees, making branches more susceptible to breakage. The best fix for this issue is proper pruning as a preventative measure. Though many clients prepare for winter weather with fall pruning, winter pruning is also an option. This is an especially good idea if branches become precarious after a winter storm.
  • Storm Damage Cleanup. Storm cleanup is probably the most important element of winter tree care. While some preventative winter tree care must take place in the fall, storm damage cleanup must always happen on-time during winter months. An arborist can help clean up fallen trees or branches in an efficient way that helps maintain the overall health of the trees on your property.

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