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When we plant younger trees, it’s easy to think in terms of what will happen in just the next few years. You want the tree to look good where it’s planted, to maybe provide some shade later down the road or maybe even some fruit. When you have older trees, however, it is easy to assume that with a little pruning, they should be fine! They’ve lasted this long, after all. When you have a large or older tree that has a structural defect of any kind, you need to brace it like you would a broken bone to promote healing and further damage. Here at Hudson Tree Services, we are happy to tell you a little more about trees that can benefit from tree bracing.

can benefit from tree bracing

Tree bracing is a process that needs to be done by a qualified and certified arborist for your trees. Without their knowledge and experience, your trees might get more harm than good from tree bracing! Tree bracing involves a series of cables that are bolted or affixed to parts of your trees that might have a structural issue. These cables can also be outfitted with conductors to safely mitigate the risks of lighting strikes if you have particularly tall trees. Once your tree bracing cables are in place, your tree can more easily withstand problems like heavy winds, storm-force winds and rain, falling branches, and most importantly, tree bracing can help to lengthen the life of your tree.

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