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When you have a stump from an old tree on your property, you probably aren’t quite sure what to do with it! Because stumps aren’t particularly attractive, but are also nearly impossible to move without professional tools, many people just leave them where they lie. If you are like many other people in the spring, pulling out your gardening tools and getting ready for a bit of a landscaping refresher, now is the time to add a stump grinding service to your list of landscaping ideas.

stump grinding service

Before landscaping is the ideal time for stump grinding because it gives your property a fresh new start. A stump grinder is a professional-grade tool that many arborists use in order to — you guessed it — grind down stumps. With stump grinding, a powerful, drill-like tool is applied to the stump and down into the earth so that you are left with only some leftover mulch of your previous stump. This allows you to plant flowers in the freshly churned earth, re-seed for grass or lay sod. Depending on the size of the stump and type of tree, stump grinding can be done in anywhere from 10-40 minutes, making it one of the faster ways to update the look of your landscaping!

When you have stump grinding on your list of future landscaping ideas, you can better plan your landscaping ideas using your entire property, instead of planning around your old tree stump. At Hudson Tree Services we would love to help take care of any tree stumps on your property with our stump grinding service. You can also call upon us for tree planting, pruning, and a variety of other landscaping needs. We look forward to working with you!