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When someone calls a tree services professional to do pruning before the snow flies, they often ask about whether they should continue watering the tree. While it will depend upon how much it has been raining, you want to be sure your trees have sufficient water to sustain them over the winter. While it might seem like they aren’t doing much after they’ve shed their leaves, the reality is they are utilizing water to protect themselves.

trees healthy during winter

You can safely water trees until the ground begins to freeze as long as the temperature is no lower than just a little below 5°C and it hasn’t been below -1°C for several days in a row. The trees will accept the water and store it outside of its individual cells where the water can create a burst of heat when it freezes that protects the cells themselves during winter’s cold temperatures.

Whenever you have questions about the health of your trees, whether it is spring, summer, autumn, or winter, a tree services professional is the best source for information. They can also inspect your trees to let you know if any tree services are needed, so they can cope with the conditions ahead.

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