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If you are new to maintaining a yard, and specifically trees, this article is for you.  We have gathered our team of professionals to compile a beginner’s guide to tree pruning. Check it out below.

Tree PruningA Beginner’s Guide to Tree Pruning

It is important to first know what tree pruning is. Tree pruning essentially means you are removing branches, buds, leaves and/or roots of the tree to help the plant remain healthy and to grow strong.  You might be thinking, “Why would cutting and damaging a tree help it grow?”  It does sound a little backwards, but it’s true — proper tree pruning is a best practice for optimal tree health. The key is ensuring that you are pruning properly. If done incorrectly you could damage your tree.

According to the experts, good pruning starts when you plant your tree. Be sure to do your research and choose the right tree for your space, climate, and desired level of maintenance that you are willing to commit to your tree.  If you need help determining what tree is a good fit for you, consider the help of a professional or a local nursery.

To be prepared for tree pruning, you will need a specific set of tools. The tools needed will be determined by the needs of your tree. If you have questions on the tools you will need, consult a professional or your local nursery.  Common tools include pruning shears, loopers, pruning saws, hedge shears, and a pole pruner.

If your trees are especially large, you may need to hire a professional. Large tree pruning jobs can be dangerous and require expertly trained professionals with specialized equipment to get the job done.