4 Tips for Hiring a Great Arborist

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Trees are a beautiful addition to the landscaping of a home or commercial property. They add colour, interest, shade, and so much more. If you have trees, then eventually you will probably need an arborist to keep those trees looking well maintained and healthy. When you find yourself needing the help of an arborist, you will want to be sure to follow these four tips:

  1. References – Checking an arborist’s references is an important first step to hiring a qualified and experienced arborist. Once you receive the references be sure to validate them by calling the references listed. You can also check online references and reviews.
    4 Tips for Hiring a Great Arborist
  2. Insurance – Arborer work can be a dangerous job. Verifying that the arborist you choose does have proper insurance can protect you, your trees, your property, and the arborist.
  3. Cheapest Estimate – Never go with the least expensive estimate. This is especially true if that least expensive estimate is significantly less. There is usually a reason they can offer such a low service. Some reasons may include lack of experience, not having proper insurance, or lack of professionalism.
  4. No Spikes – Do not allow an arborist to work on your trees while using spikes on their feet. This can cause damage to your tree and invite disease or insects into your tree.

Following these four tips will help you to hire the very best arborist for the job. Hudson Tree Services in Burlington, Ontario has years of experience tending to and beautifying trees, shrubs, and landscaping. We always use the correct equipment for the job, hold proper insurance, and can provide excellent references. Give us a call today for your free estimate.