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Large, attractive and mature trees in your yard are often a great feature. They convey a sense of longevity and tradition while also providing some great shade or fruits in the summer! When you have trees around your property, you want to keep them healthy and strong so that they don’t end up causing serious damage or issues during a storm. A tree risk assessment during this time of year is a great idea for anyone who has trees for several reasons, three of which include:

A tree risk assessment is great before winter sets in

1.  Check for storm or winter damages– The long, cold nights of winter can do a number on our moods. They also can do a number on the health of our trees! A tree risk assessment is great before winter sets in because an arborist can better determine if your tree is at risk from any of the winter’s freezing cycles or heavy snowfall.

2.  Allows for pruning or branch removal– Pruning your tree is a great way to keep it healthy and growing strong. When you have your tree risk assessment done in the fall, an arborist can remove any damaged branches and prune your tree with tree risk assessments in mind.

3.  Ideal time for arborists– During this season, your trees are still dormant and mostly leafless. This means that an arborist can more easily look for damaged branches or other signs of problems while the internal structure of the tree isn’t hidden by leaves.

At Hudson Tree Services, we want to help you with a tree risk assessment this year. Please contact us today to learn more!