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Arborist Report, Oakville, ON

When it comes to arborist reports, you can’t go wrong by calling us for assistance!

Arborist Report in Oakville, Ontario
Did you know that doctors are required to report certain diseases for the frequency to be tracked? For example, during flu season, many statistics are collected from doctors reporting cases of the flu. This information helps to prepare our medical professionals for future issues. Just like our doctors reporting cases of the flu, arborists need to report on diseased trees for tracking. These are called arborist reports, and they are a procedural form that needs to be completed before the felling of any diseased tree.

Here at Hudson Tree Services, we know all that needs to be done when it comes to filing an arborist report on a tree in Oakville, Ontario. Different cities have different rules when it comes to filing arborist reports, but because our working area is so large, we are familiar with the ins and outs of the paperwork required in each area.

Arborist reports need to be filled in with quite a bit of detail. The report requires information on the type of tree to be taken down, suspected diseases, the height of the tree and more. At Hudson Tree Services, we can not only diagnose your tree, but we can also properly cut down your tree, file your arborist reports, and more! All of this is done while giving you the best customer service that we here at Hudson Tree Services are known for.

If you have a diseased or dying tree, give us a call here at Hudson Tree Services! We would love to help you with all of the details you’ll need when it comes to the safe removal of a tree and the filing of an arborist report.

At Hudson Tree Services, we provide arborist reports in Etobicoke, Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Ancaster, and Milton, Ontario.